About us

Welcome to SKV Educations

Initially, BA and B.COM classes are being conducted from this session. Under BA, the facility to take the subjects of Sociology, Pedagogy, Geography, Ancient History, Science and Political Science in Hindi will be available. Later, it has been envisaged to ensure availability of other courses and subjects. In SKV Education, the girl students will not only be awarded degrees but they will also be motivated for practical examinations and for these, separate classes are being conceptualized. For this, it will be the endeavor of SKV EDUCATIONS that the students studying here Set new standards for student success in competitive examinations and contribute to nation building.


Our Perspective

We will try to help those students who are associated with our institute and who will join the institute in future and will contribute effectively in the development of society and nation. We will not just limit ourselves to teaching all the students the subjects chosen by them, but will also provide them with the vocational training necessary for their livelihood, which will help in the development of their personality and develop employability and entrepreneurial qualities in them. Will prove helpful.

Our Mission

'Our effort is all round development,
Apart from raising the academic standards through innovative and better teaching, we will provide our students with various vocational training and personality development and opportunities to learn various skills which will be conducted in collaboration with reputed institutions and trained individuals. Our objective is to make students steadfast in the face of future problems and challenges and by inculcating moral values ​​in them, make them a representative of their civilization and culture in front of the whole world.